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July 26, 2022

Top 10 Reasons Why People Move

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In the United States, the average person moves once every five years, or about six times in a lifetime. Choosing where to live is an incredibly personal decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. If you’ve been thinking about why someone may move, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons.


Moving to a district with better schooling opportunities can be common for families with school age children or higher education students.  

Relationship/Lifestyle Changes

Romantic relationships can lead to relocation and new household formations. Blended and multifamily households may also move for more space or privacy.

New Job/Reduced Commute

A new job could mean moving to a different area for a shorter commute or relocating entirely if your job is in a new location. Studies suggest that when possible, living within ten miles of your job leads to a better work-life balance and positive increases to physical and mental health.

Closer to Loved Ones

For many people, living near family is important. Grown children may want to be closer to their aging parents or grandparents may wish to be closer to their grandchildren.

More Suitable Climate

If a person is sick of shoveling snow in the winter or staying inside during summer heat and humidity, moving to a more appealing climate might be on their radar. Others may choose to move somewhere that have more vitamin D exposure from the sun or a location with less aggressive allergens.

Needing More (or Less) Space

People may move into a bigger home if they’re planning on having kids or want to accommodate room for other family members. On the other hand, when a family’s children grow up and move, their parents may wish to downsize to a smaller space.

Neighbors or Neighborhood Changes

Neighborhoods can experience many changes over time as families move in and out. Sometimes a person may be ready for a change of setting. Others may leave a neighborhood if there’s an increase in the crime rate, traffic times, or other community changes.

Change of Scenery

Sometimes people just need a change of location. A person may move to a different neighborhood with more amenities like parks, beaches, public transport, or highways.

Renting versus Buying

The desire to be a homeowner can be a deciding factor in a person’s move. While living in a rented property can be beneficial, homeownership offers creative control, tax benefits, and equity that directly increases the value of your home.

Cashing in on Home Equity

With record breaking real estate prices and interest rates, many people are cashing in on their equity to purchase new homes with lower cost-of-living expenses or more amenities.

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