Leadership Team

Michael Rutherford

Mike has been in the mortgage industry for nearly 35 years. He founded Homestead Funding Corp. in 1994 and has been involved in the company’s development ever since.

His background in accounting offers him insight into the importance of making sound financial choices. Mike has worked to grow Homestead consistently over the past two decades and has said that people are the company’s best asset. He believes that the level of success Homestead has experienced over the years is a result of the amazing people who work at the company.

Tony Felitte

Tony began his career in the fields of finance and accounting. He has been in the mortgage industry for over 32 years. Tony has served in many different capacities at Homestead Funding Corp., including Controller and Secondary Marketing.

Tony is responsible for many areas within the organization but predominantly focuses on accounting, HR, and IT. He has been a part of Homestead since its inception and has been integral in the current success and growth of the organization.

Daniela Bigalli
Sales & Marketing

Daniela has been in the mortgage industry for over 17 years. She has been with Homestead Funding Corp since 2006 first as a Loan Originator before being promoted to Branch Manager position. These past experiences and her strong background in sales has provided her with firsthand knowledge of what her sales team needs to succeed. This has helped her significantly in her current leadership role over sales and marketing.

Daniela prides herself on creating an environment conducive to the success and growth of her sales team. Her position involves overseeing, developing, and implementing sales and marketing functions for all of Homestead. In this role, she ensures her team is constantly developing new ideas and working on new technology in order to provide the best client experience. Over the past several years, Daniela has diligently worked to expand the company’s footprint throughout the United States.

Jane Borbee

Jane has been with Homestead Funding Corp. for over 27 years; she has been in the mortgage industry for nearly 32 years. Jane has worked in all facets of the business during her tenure at Homestead.

She over sees the management of the countless operations staff members and has worked to ensure that Homestead is consistently up-to-date in industry requirements, compliance, and government regulations. Her past roles make her an extremely knowledgeable leader and she is able to leverage her experience to create a tremendous operations team that works with the sales team to deliver excellent customer service.

Vince O’Neill
Secondary Marketing

Vince has spent the majority of his professional career in the mortgage industry and has been with Homestead Funding Corp. since the company opened its doors over 25 years ago. He is responsible for Capital Markets, product development, company policy regarding interest rates, and risk assessment.

Over the years, Vince has taken on many roles at Homestead pertaining to wholesale, correspondent, origination, and servicing. In addition, Vince has served as a member of the MBA Renovation Lending Steering Committee and is currently serving on the Secondary Marketing and Capital Markets committee.

Jeff Mason
Human Resources

Jeff is an integral part of the Human Resources Department at Homestead Funding Corp. His background is in accounting and Jeff made his transition to HR in the late 1990s.

Jeff is heavily involved in the development of Homestead's company cultural development and is a proponent of being involved with the community. Jeff helps to foster an environment where all employees can excel and achieve their career goals. He and his team have worked to provide Homestead’s employees with the support they need to be happy, healthy, and successful.