July 5, 2022

What We Can Learn from National Workaholics Day

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National Workaholics Day is meant to remind us to find a healthy balance between our home and work lives. Putting work ahead of everything else can affect multiple aspects of your life and may even affect those around you.

Fatigue and poor health are common symptoms of a poor work/life balance. Stress can worsen existing symptoms of medical conditions and when tired, your ability to be productive and think clearly may suffer. According to Harvard Business Review, employee burnout costs the United States between $125 and $190 billion every year in healthcare. A five-year study also revealed that employees who work more than 55 hours per week are 1.66 times more likely to develop depression.

Identify Productivity Peaks

Some people are at their most productive and creative in the morning, while others get the bulk of their work done in the afternoon. Employees should play to their strengths and structure their workloads around their most productive periods to reduce procrastination.

Take Breaks Throughout the Day

Most people can sustain maximum concentration for 90-minute periods. To ensure you’re working at your peak performance, experts recommend scheduling several breaks throughout the day. This helps reduce burnout and the chances of being distracted during your allotted work times.

Create Long Term Plans for Projects

It’s common to be stressed by long-term projects, and even more common to procrastinate when overwhelmed. If you suffer from deadline stress, mapping out and creating a long-term plan for projects may be beneficial. Include all completion dates and any subtasks that can help you manage your workload realistically.

Separate Work and Play

Try to set up your workstation in an area that won’t intrude on your downtime, or vice versa. Experts also recommend using separate computers and phones for work that can be shut down at the end of the day so you won’t be tempted to check communications after work hours. In most situations, it can wait until the morning!

Pursue Passions Outside of Work

Find time for things you enjoy, like reading, traveling, exercising, painting, or spending time with friends and family. Having things to look forward to outside of the workplace can help increase your self-esteem and decrease anxiety.

Learn to Say No

This one can be tricky! Try not to accept tasks out of guilt or a false sense of obligation. If you find yourself starting to be overwhelmed by your to do list, evaluate your priorities at work and home and try to knock some items off your list.

Ask for Help

Colleagues, managers, friends, and family are there to help share the load when things get to be too much. Be open with those in your workplace about your needs, especially when they aren’t being met. Above all, know when to seek professional help.

Work-life balance doesn’t come down to a single factor. All employees require unique support to thrive in the workplace and maintain a happy, healthy, fulfilling personal life. If you’re looking for a career opportunity that allows for healthy work-life balance and advancement, consider a job at Homestead Funding.

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