Brent Berti

Senior Home Equity Conversion Specialist
State Licensing
State Licensing
116 Washington Ave, Suite 401
North Haven


Brent Berti

Brent is a Senior Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Specialist in North Haven, CT. Brent received his BS at Drexel University and his MS at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has been involved in the HECM program for the last 22 years. Brent has experience from all different angles and positions in this industry. He has continuously held his life and health insurance licenses for the past 48 years. He has a vast knowledge of many facets of the financial and insurance fields, this knowledge is key to helping him guide his clients to achieve their financial dreams.


Brent believes in having face-to-face meetings as often as possible. He takes immense pride in explaining complex and often misunderstood concepts in concise, succinct, and understandable terms to his clients, their families, and advisors. His goal is to explain these concepts so that his clients and their advisors can step back and make an informed decision based on facts, not misconceptions. He often describes his position as “the easiest occupation in the world. All I do is sit with the clients, keep quiet, and listen, listen, listen.”


Brent enjoys everything in life. He enjoys the arts, theaters, reading, sports, traveling, golf and the one thing he enjoys most is spending time with his family (especially his granddaughter) and friends.

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