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June 24, 2021

What Should I Look for When House Hunting?

House hunting doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you take the time to figure out what you’re looking for and go in with a plan. We made this list to help you map out what you want in a house.


This isn’t just the city the house is in; it’s also about the neighborhood. What is the school district? What does the crime rate look like? Is there access to the places that matter to you like a good hospital or a fun mall? These are all things you need to consider for yourself to determine what’s important to you. Once you make that determination, you can take these things into account with each house you look into.

Size and Floor Plan

The size of the house is important to everyone, no matter what their needs. Maybe you need a lot of bedrooms to accommodate your large family. Or maybe you’re looking for something small and cozy. Whatever your requirements, keep them in mind by paying attention to square footage and numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms when you’re sorting through houses.

Site and Geography

Is the home on a hill? Or maybe it’s lakeside? Is the backyard in line with your needs such as having space for kids to play or planting a garden? The geography and the characteristics of the site the house is on play a big role in whether it fits your needs, so don’t forget to consider these aspects.

Curb Appeal

Is the house one you really enjoy seeing? How does the lawn look? How do the siding and the fixtures look? You should even consider accessibility and whether the home can accommodate you and your guests’ needs. Some of these things you can take care of yourself – like repainting or landscaping. Nonetheless, it’s important to take note of the curb appeal.


Pay attention to the number of closets and the amount of space they offer. Is there enough room for your belongings?


Don’t overlook this one! When you’re touring homes, pay attention to the smells. Some smells aren’t a big deal – like a home that’s been unoccupied and on the market for some time. But if you smell something worse, ask yourself if this is something you can handle once the house is yours.

Noise Level

This is another factor that might not have been at the top of your mind but must be considered. Notice the noise level around the home. Is the house on a busy street? Is it close to train tracks? Pay attention to the sounds around you when viewing a home because they’re something you’ll have to get used to should you buy the house. You can even consider visiting at different times of the day to experience the noise level around the clock.

Finding Your Dream Home

While there are some key tips to keep in mind while house hunting, these aspects and characteristics of a home are important to keep in mind. Make sure to write lists and keep notes of the things you want to watch for, and when you’re ready to purchase your dream home, we’ll be here to guide you through a seamless, efficient, and stress-free mortgage process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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