USDA financing offers 0% down payment options and lenient credit score requirements for eligible homebuyers who hope to live in eligible rural areas.



Say goodbye to crowded cities and hello to rolling hills!

You don’t need to live on a farm to be eligible for a USDA mortgage. In fact, much of the United States is in USDA-eligible boundaries, including suburban and semi-suburban properties. To find out if the home you’re interested in financing is located in an USDA-eligible rural area, please visit the interactive map on the USDA website here.

Developed by the Department of Agriculture, USDA loans are available to homebuyers with low-to-average household income for their area. With 100% financing, zero down payment options, and no first-time homebuyer requirements, USDA loans assist countless eligible homebuyers with their home financing goals.

Key Features and Benefits of USDA Mortgage Loans

  • Primary residences only.
  • Available for purchase, refinance, or renovation.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Lenient credit score requirements.
  • Unlimited gift funds or grants.
  • 6% seller concession allowed--seller may pay some of buyer's prepaid costs.
  • Available for rural or designated properties.
  • No first-time homebuyer requirements.
  • 0% down payment options.

Rates & Program Availability Subject To Change. Income & Other Restrictions Apply. Properties Must Meet Certain Requirements & Be Located In Eligible Area. Low monthly mortgage insurance.

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