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September 8, 2022

A Seller's Guide to Open Houses: What to Expect

As a seller, you can use open houses as an efficient way to reach a lot of buyers in a relatively small amount of time. If you’ve never been through the process of preparing your home for an open house, don’t worry! We’ll break down what to expect and best practices.

Pass the Reigns

Sellers being present is generally not recommended, so take your Real Estate Agent’s lead on the event. Buyers will feel more comfortable exploring your home if you aren’t present. Be sure to schedule your open house in advance with enough time to make plans for yourself to be out of the house, as the event can last anywhere between one to three hours. This will also give you time to organize and properly prep your home, as well as giving your agent enough of an opportunity to promote the event.

Do Your Own Research

Since open houses are zero obligation events, you may wish to go to other open houses before you begin planning your own. Pretend to be a potential buyer and wait to see what pulls your attention. Chances are, when people walk through your house, they’ll notice similar things.

Show Your Home’s Best Sides

You should present an idyllic version of your home, allowing others to envision how they would live there. What’s the best way to prep your home, according to experts? Pretend your home is going to be used in a design magazine.

Deep cleaning is a must, as every space could potentially be seen—even closets and spaces behind appliances. Spaces with light are usually more appealing, so clean your windows and open your curtains. To prevent loss or accidents, keep anything of value in a safe spot.

If you have pets, remove any sign of their things or their presence. Pet items can distract visitors as they’re trying to visualize themselves in your space.

Don’t forget your curb appeal! Prospective buyers will be looking over your house with a fine-tooth comb, so be sure you take care of the exterior and landscaping before presenting.

Home financing doesn’t have to be stressful, especially when you have all of the right tools and a great team on your side. Now that you know more about what an open house can do for you, we can assist you in financing your new dream home. If you’re thinking of selling and don’t have a Realtor to assist you in the process, our Loan Originators can recommend professionals they work with to guide you toward success. To learn more about how we can help your home financing dreams come true, contact us today.

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