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February 19, 2024

How to Achieve Home Selling Success in Winter

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Are you looking for ways to heat up your home offers this winter? The winter months may bring slushy weather and colder days, but there are still ways to make your home appealing to potential homebuyers. Let’s take a look at seven strategies that may lead to a successful home sale!

When it Comes to Décor, Less is More

While seasonal décor may help your home feel more inviting and festive, experts recommend scaling it back before you begin showing your house. Instead, use blankets and pillows with soft textures and colors that match your space.

A professional home stager can also show you how to adjust certain elements to make a home tour “flow,” like furniture placement in the living room or highlighting the bathroom upgrade you finished last spring.

Clear Paths of Snow

A brick home in snow with cleared pathways.

Start your home showing off on the right foot. Removing snow from walkways and steps serves two important purposes. In addition to ensuring the exterior of the home looks inviting, it also emphasizes safety. Would-be buyers and their agents will thank you for clearing walking spaces.

Keep Your Home in Tip-Top Shape

Prospective buyers and agents will be inspecting your home closely. Some problem areas are more noticeable in the winter months, like drafts, air leaks, and poor insulation. Deep cleaning and keeping up with your home maintenance will show people how beloved your property really is.

Highlight the Features

Let people see what you love through your eyes! When creating digital and print marketing with your Real Estate Agent, be sure to highlight your home’s unique features. If it’s a craftsman house, showcase the original detailing that first made you fall in love! Now is a great time to show off all the updates and hard work you’ve put into your home. Energy efficient improvements, upgrades, and refurbished spaces will help your home stand out.

Warm and Cozy

Keep a comfortable temperature for your guests. If you know that there’s a showing or an open house happening, set your heat a bit warmer before guests arrive. Then, set it to between 68F and 72F. This ensures the heat won’t keep kicking on while still staying cozy.

Let Spaces Shine

A bright room in winter.

Although winter isn’t known for its sunshine and bright light, you can still use the sunny days to your advantage. Be sure your curtains are open on cloudless days. If there isn’t enough natural light or your space feels too dark, turn on a light in every room to invite would-be buyers to examine spaces more clearly.

Avoid Messy Floors

Salt, sand grit, and dirty snow can easily be tracked inside from visitors’ shoes. Placing a doormat on the inside and outside of the home’s entrance will help people feel welcome while also allowing a designated space for wiping off their feet. Having a designated space for wet items, like umbrellas and coats, will also protect your hardwood and carpets.

Get Your Home Listed Before Spring!

A couple with their Real Estate Agent.

No matter the seasonal changes in the market, a team of experts can help you shine! When you work with a Real Estate Agent, you’re also accessing their network of professionals, resources, and market knowledge! For all your home financing needs, contact us today.

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