April 8, 2024

How to Achieve Good Feng Shui at Home

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Mindfulness and meditation can reach far beyond yoga class. Feng Shui Awareness Day on April 8 presents a great time to explore the ancient art of harmonizing our living spaces. Rooted in Taoism and ancient Chinese philosophy, feng shui is much more than just arranging furniture. Let’s explore how simple adjustments in your home can create balance, vitality, and a sense of well-being.

Be Mindful of Commanding Positions

An important aspect of feng shui design is the concept of the commanding position. This is the area where you should be spending the most of your time when inside the room because it provides the most power. A room’s commanding position is the furthest point from the door while still being able to see it without being directly across from the point of entry.

Your bed, desk, stove, and other important features should be placed in commanding positions. You’ll have a view of anyone or anything coming in through the door, helping you feel more secure and ready for potential opportunities.

Brighten Your Entry

Our front entryway can easily reflect the chaos of our days, with muddy floors, piles of mail, or a coat closet that somehow never stays clean. In feng shui, your home’s entry represents how chi, or energy, enters your life.

To ensure energy can be directed where necessary, design experts recommend decluttering and cleaning your entry area. Shake out your doormat, wipe down the door, and remove anything in your way.

Windows as Eyes

As some believe windows are the eyes to the soul, windows are considered the eyes of your home in feng shui. Clean and clear windows bring in more natural light to your space, which helps your home feel more expansive, vibrant, and energetic. In addition to looking beautiful, your cleaned windows help you see the world around you with the utmost clarity.

Doors of Opportunity

Our doors are often overlooked in our homes, even when we use them every day. Doors represent your voice and communication in feng shui design. Be sure your doors can open at least 90 degrees by removing clutter and obstacles. Ensure the hardware functions correctly without squeaking hinges. An open door symbolizes you’re ready for communication and new opportunities, whereas a closed door can block energy and cut us off from the world.

Harnessing Life Energy

In feng shui, plants embody chi energy. By bringing them directly into your space, you’re inviting more balance and energy into your home. Anxious about the idea of taking care of plants? Artificial plants and varieties that are easy to take care of, such as succulents, are a great place to start.

Creating Space for Yourself

Feng shui is less about de-cluttering and more about mindfully creating space for yourself. Naturally, open spaces are filled, emptied, and then filled again. By letting go of what no longer serves you, you can begin to make space for new opportunities and growth.

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