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March 7, 2024

Leading the Way: Women of Homestead Funding 2024

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In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting some more of the incredible women who work at Homestead Funding. We’re honored that they took the time to share their insights about being female professionals. We hope you enjoy their stories as much as we did!

Do you have a female role model that inspires you?

I see how much my mom pours into all facets of her life—her home, her family, her work. It’s truly incredible to watch and I feel so lucky to have such a strong, empowering woman in my life! Along with her, all the women in leadership at Homestead are so inspiring to me. The ambition, drive, and work they put into this establishment to make it successful has been so impactful to watch over the years. It ultimately led me to the position I am in today. – Cassidy O.

I have two: my mom and grandmother. They’re both very hardworking and determined. They were both single moms at one point in life and worked their way from the bottom to live very successful and productive lives. The struggles they went through made them stronger. They absolutely have shown me that if you work hard, you can get where you want. – Jenna P.

Tell us about an obstacle you’ve encountered during your time as a female professional. How did you overcome?

Most limitations and obstacles are self-imposed. It’s just about having ambition, dreaming big, and always pushing yourself, regardless of what others are saying. Sure, not everyone is born into a good family or has the resources to pursue their dreams. But if you’re lucky, just as I have been, you’ll overcome your fears, step out of your comfort zone, and stick with one thing long enough to succeed. – Dana T.

I’ve always felt supported and listened to here. The transition from working in the office to working from home during COVID-19 was challenging, as well as working remotely to being hybrid in the office again. Finding that balance was difficult. – Samantha N.

What advice would you give to the next generation of young female professionals?

Keep working hard every day. Keep learning and growing. Always offer to help. That’s what I’ve done thus far and I think it’s helped me become a well-rounded person. Don’t let the challenges that you face during your career define you and always stay true to yourself, your values, and knowledge. These things are what make you unique. – Dana T.

Strive for greatness, despite your fears and worries. Nothing good comes easy, and it makes it that much more fulfilling once you get where you want to be. – Cassidy O.

Always look to the future. Your life today could be completely different a year from now. What can make a difference in that year all depends on which path you take. Always take the step, even if you can’t see the end game. – Jenna P.

Don’t be afraid to not know something. Be open to learning something new. – Samantha N.

Work hard, but more importantly, find a way to be proud of the work that you do. Be sure you have a work-life balance, too. When you’re at work, be present there. When you’re home, be present there. – Ashley C.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of Homestead. What are your interests and passions? Do you have hobbies?

I recently got married and since then, I’ve been working remotely and traveling the country with my husband, a travel nurse. Since 2022, I’ve lived in New York, Arizona, and currently North Carolina. I love to see the world and all the different aspects of it. I also really enjoy crafting, painting, spending time with friends and family, and binging shows and movies. – Cassidy O.

I love to spend time with my husband and our three kids. I’m also an active member of my local volunteer fire department and ladies auxiliary. I decided to join after my oldest became a junior firefighter. She didn’t let her age limit her—she went to high school full time and completed several firefighting classes before she turned eighteen. She inspired me to follow suit. Since then, I’ve become a fire police officer. – Dana T.

My husband and I have been married for five years and we’re very outdoorsy, even in the winter. We have a four-year-old chocolate lab who is an athletic specimen of a dog. In the winter, we snowboard and head to the mountain every Saturday. When it’s warm, we’re out mountain biking. – Ashley C.

My family and I bought 20 acres of land, so we’ve been exploring the property with our dog and chickens. I also enjoy hiking, gardening, and cooking. – Samantha N.

I’m a licensed cosmetologist. If I’m not here or with my kids, I’m doing hair. I also enjoy decorating my home and being in the sun, preferably on a beach! – Jenna P.

From Homestead Funding, Happy International Women’s Day!

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