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March 4, 2022

Why Should You Work for Homestead Funding?

If you’ve been looking for a new work environment that helps lead you to success, this is your sign. Homestead Funding is a multi-state mortgage lender with an emphasis on a boutique and local feel.

What sets Homestead apart from other corporate lenders? Your success is our top priority. Training is an investment in people, and we have always felt that making that commitment is money well spent. In the highly competitive, fast moving mortgage marketplace, knowledge is power. At Homestead, we are dedicated to empowering our Loan Originators with the information and expertise they require to be successful.

We offer a technology toolset that can be leveraged to keep you ahead of the competition. Additionally, we are constantly upgrading and on-boarding new tools to help make your job easier.

Customized Loan Origination Software

While other lenders utilize an out-of-the-box Loan Origination System, Homestead Funding has a unique integration across all functions within our platform. Everything is in one spot, meaning you can save time and energy.

Our dedicated team of experts includes System Administrators and a team of developers who regularly modify and customize to ensure the system is working efficiently for all users.

Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM system is the core of our engagement engine. The system is fully integrated with our LOS, Point of Sale and Data Farming systems. Not only is it the cornerstone of our LO's daily lead management, but it also automatically informs and educates our leads, prospects, and borrowers at important milestones through social media, SMS, and email.

Mobile App & Desktop POS

From both Homestead Funding’s mobile application “Homestead Moves” and our desktop application, you can utilize and work harmoniously with our Loan Origination and CRM systems.

When using the app, borrowers can complete their application, verify assets, and authorize a credit pull. They can also e-sign disclosures to deliver a personalized and trusted home-financing experience. As a Loan Originator, you’ll have access to listing alerts, credit score updates, mortgage credit pulls, and equity alerts.

Personalized Webpage

Each Loan Originator has a dedicated webpage with personalized information, mortgage calculators and lead funnels that flow directly into your personal CRM account. Full online applications move easily and efficiently into the CRM and Loan Origination system. This type of effort allows our LOs to brand themselves with the company while we take care of all the details.

Marketing Portal

Our talented marketing team consists of Graphic Designers, Video Producers, Social Media Specialists, and Digital Marketing Specialists. Our Marketing Portal is available 24/7 and allows Loan Originators to access flyers for immediate distribution or order customized materials to be prepared and shipped directly to you through our concierge ordering system.

Social Media

Homestead embraces the use of social media. We provide both original branded campaign libraries and customizable templates to allow Loan Originators the flexibility to set-it and forget-it or create unique posts. Our designers are available to create posts as well for the Loan Originators through our marketing portal. This allows Loan Originators the ability to consistently post with very little time and effort.

Online Leads Program

As the world's most popular search engine, Google is the number one spot for potential clients to visit when searching for home financing. Homestead Funding places ads on Google's search results to catch the eye of potential borrowers. The leads generated through these ads are forwarded to Branch Managers and Loan Originators participating in our Google Lead Program.

Credit Coaching Partnership

Homestead offers an award winning, Fannie Mae approved credit coaching service. A one-on-one credit coach provides your client with a customized strategic plan to get them on the path to building their credit with the goal of having them to qualify for the mortgage they need. Clients receive critical information, tips, and educational articles – plus real FICO scores each month to watch their progress. You can monitor your clients progress from initial call to the time they qualify.

Customizable Merchandise

The Homestead Funding Swag Store contains merchandise such as office products, apparel, and drinkware that features Homestead’s branding. Each item has the potential to be fully customizable with Loan Originator’s name and contact information. These items are excellent for the office, borrowers, or events.

Borrower Intelligence System

Staying on top of your prospect and funded databases is effortless with this system, from capturing new opportunities from previous contacts and past customers, to receiving update alerts when your contact is back in the market. On top of it all, you’ll receive alerts for property listings, credit score updates, mortgage credit pulls and property equity alerts.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to switch companies, this is it! Our executive team, sales management, and support staff are ready and willing to discuss ideas to make your employment dreams a reality. Instead of putting roadblocks between you and loan closings, we work hard to do what we can to make loans work. If you’re interested in learning how Homestead can help you achieve your goals, contact us today.

Ready to get started?

Homestead Funding offers exceptional customer service and a convenient mortgage process. Whatever your financing needs, our goal is to exceed your expectations.