Mortgage 101
March 16, 2020

Why Should You Get Your Mortgage from a Local Lender?

Getting a mortgage can seem intimidating. You’re excited to buy your dream house, but you’re nervous about the daunting process of financing it. Luckily, local lenders like Homestead are here to give you the ideal experience. From offering a personalized experience, longer hours of availability, on time closings, and in depth knowledge of the local markets we serves, working with us is perfect for enjoying a simpler mortgage experience.

You Enjoy a Personalized Experience

Is talking to a robot on the phone your favorite thing when you’re looking for help getting a mortgage? Didn’t think so. Working with a local lender means that when you call, you talk to real, helpful people. Most of our Loan Originators provide their borrowers with their cell phone number so you can call or text at any time for help.

Plus, working with a local lender like us means we focus on getting to know you and your specific situation. We take the time to understand your unique goals. After listening to your individual needs, we customize and personalize your experience to meet and exceed your expectations. You won’t get that kind of service from a big bank.

Longer, More Convenient Hours Available

Another great aspect of working with a local lender is you enjoy support when it is convenient for you – no useless bank hours! In many cases, you will have access to a loan originator 7 days a week. This means you may be able to ask that burning question on your time table, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with the process when you have all that support.

You Can Close Quickly

Working with a local lender along with local realtors and attorneys makes the process efficient. Since everyone is in close proximity and on the same page, it’s easier to make all the pieces of the puzzle come together faster. Plus, local lenders like Homestead do the entire process in-house which means that loans are able to close quicker than lenders who do not have in-house operations.

Your Lender is Knowledgeable About Your Local Market

No one knows the local market like your local mortgage lender does. Our local Loan Originators live here too, so they truly know the tiniest details about buying a home in your area. Our Loan Originators have a better understanding of the local economy and property values, so they’re better equipped to handle your unique situation.

At Homestead, we truly care about our community and each of our customer’s specific needs. Unlike big banks, you aren’t just another number. Instead, you’re a valued member of the community we love, and we want to make sure you achieve your goals. Call us today to find out how we can help you!

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Homestead Funding offers exceptional customer service and a convenient mortgage process. Whatever your financing needs, our goal is to exceed your expectations.