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November 7, 2023

Which House Type Fits Your Needs?

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Owning a home looks different for everyone, from loan programs to house types. To help you identify your homeownership needs, we’re breaking down five popular house types and the benefits of each.

Single-Family House

A single-family home is often recognized as being any home structure that’s separated from adjacent units by a ground-to-roof wall. Usually, the home is on its own piece of land and isn’t attached to any other structures without other housing units above or below. This house type does not share utilities or HVAC systems with other homeowners, meaning the homeowner is responsible for repairs and maintenance.

Who Would Benefit from a Single-Family House?

This home type is best for those who value privacy and autonomy about the property and its surrounding landscape. The owner of a single-family home has their own unshared spaces with the freedom to design and decorate how they choose.

Multi-family House

A multi-family home is a residential property that consists of more than one housing unit. Duplexes, or two dwellings within a single building, to small apartment buildings composed of two to four individual units are considered multi-family homes. Each unit may share an entrance or have their own, complete with separate kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Who Would Benefit from a Multi-Family House?

Multi-family houses are great starter properties for owners looking into real estate investing as they can live rent-free while accumulating equity from the other units. Families, such as multi-generational families, could live on the same property and still have the benefit of private spaces.

Manufactured House

A manufactured pre-fabricated home being built in a factory.

Manufactured homes can often be called prefabs or prefabricated homes. These structures are created offsite in large factories before they are transferred to the home site, either in segments or as a full build.

Who Would Benefit from a Manufactured House?

According to a journal from the National Institutes of Health, site-built construction accounts for 10 to 30% of landfill waste globally. Because of this, manufactured homes are great home options for eco-conscious homeowners as they are generally considered more environmentally friendly than site-built homes.


Condominiums, also called condos, are individually owned units within a community of other similar units. In general, a condo owner typically owns the interior of their property and the structural components of the exterior walls. Condos also often have shared common areas and amenities that are shared, such as pools, garages, and gyms.

Who Would Benefit from a Condominium?

Condominiums are wonderful home solutions for people who want to be homeowners but may not be able to upkeep or afford a single-family home, such as first time homebuyers, those looking to downsize, or those who travel often. The amenities of condos can also help build community for social homebuyers.


Townhouses are often seen as a hybrid between a condominium and a single-family house. They are multi-floored homes that share one or two walls with neighbors unless the home is located at the end of a building unit. Some townhouse communities may have amenities, but they are not as common as in condominium communities.

Who Would Benefit from a Townhouse?

Space wise, townhouses are great alternatives to cramped apartments or small condos. Single homeowners may find that a townhouse is more affordable than a single-family home and property. With shared walls, this structure can also be as social as a condominium, even without amenities.

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