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September 23, 2021

What’s the Deal with Buying and Selling Haunted Houses?

To get into the spirit of spooky season, let’s talk about haunted houses! When it comes to the idea of haunted houses, not all of us believe in ghosts. But according to Pew Research, 18% of Americans report that they’ve seen a ghost. So how does buying and selling of houses that are thought to be haunted work?

Are Ghosts a Dealbreaker?

A poll by YouGov revealed that 45% of people believe in ghosts, 32% do not, and 23% are not sure. In a survey conducted by Clever Real Estate, 40% of respondents saw the presence of ghosts in a home as a dealbreaker. This is consistent with a survey done by which reported that 42% of respondents were not open to the idea of living in a haunted house. In the Clever research, 73% of those who did not consider a haunted house a dealbreaker would buy the house if it was for a significantly lower price and 58% would if the ghosts were friendly.

What Would Make You Pack Up and Move Out?

One in four people would move upon finding out that their home is haunted. Of those who would stay, 33% would cleanse the home, 23% would exorcise the home, 19% would try to contact the ghosts, and 17% would make the home more comfortable for ghosts.

Participants were asked what sorts of supernatural events would cause them to pack up and move. Unexplained tech glitches were the least of their worries with just 15% saying they’d run if they experienced this phenomenon. Levitating objects, the feeling of being touched, items moving, and ghost sightings were the top events that would cause respondents to run.

Buying and Selling Haunted Houses

If you’re selling a haunted house, you might be more likely to sell it to a millennial than a baby boomer since boomers are 24% more likely than millennials to say no to purchasing a haunted house. And if you do sell it to a millennial, it’s possible you could need to make some concessions. You may have better chances of selling if your house is in a good school district or has desirable features like a large kitchen because 37% of millennials would buy a haunted house over one that was not haunted if they got something like these features in return.

If you’re looking to buy a house, it’s possible you may run into a property that is said to be home to ghosts. Whether you believe in that in the first place is up to you. If you are someone who believes in ghosts, know that some states require disclosure for this sort of thing. You can always check in with your state to learn more about how this is handled. If you don’t mind potential ghostly companions, you may be able to buy a great home!

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Sources: Pew Research,, Clever Real Estate

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