May 2, 2023

How to Make Your Deck and Patio Last: Tips and Tricks

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A curated outdoor space is beneficial to your family, guests, and neighborhood’s curb appeal. Like your home or car, a deck or patio are an investment. Ensure it lasts a lifetime with these tips to help prepare you for patio weather!


A close up shot of someone drilling screws into their deck.

Just as you perform maintenance for your yard and home, it’s important to inspect your deck and patio as the weather changes. Look for loose, damaged, rotted, or warped boards and railings. Wood rot can appear in a variety of ways, such as soft spots, discoloration, and splintering. Be sure you replace any damaged boards or stones to ensure your area continues to be safe and beautiful.

Around the Area

Prune your shrubs, trees, and other vegetation from around the structure to protect it from insects, sticky sap, or storm damage. Having a more open area will also deter rodents or spiders from making their homes underneath.

Washing the Deck

When washing your deck, it’s important to use cleaning methods that will be gentle on the materials. A soft bristle brush is best for wooden decks, as they don’t damage wood or finishes. Concrete can be swept and then rinsed with a hose. Even a gentle detergent mixed with water can remove stubborn grime and mold while brightening stone. If you cook on your patio, you can use a degreaser on areas around your grill.

Sealing or Finishing

Experts say spring is an ideal time to add a finish or sealant. These final steps are important to protect the area from harsh weather conditions and keep it looking newer for longer. Warmer temperatures will help it dry without the sun’s hot summer rays having any major effects.

Create Some Shade

A curated backyard with a stone patio and shaded dining area.

If your porch or patio aren’t covered, consider adding an awning or umbrella. Areas that include a shaded section will last longer than porches that sit in the hot sun over time. Along with sun damage, your deck could also have UV damage, water damage from all-season weather, and premature aging. Shade will also give your furniture a longer life and provide you a place to escape in your yard when it gets too hot.

Your Space, Your Way

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