January 24, 2023

What to Do as Soon as You Become a New Homeowner

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Moving into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience! There can be so much to do before you unpack your boxes or repaint the walls. To help you keep track, experts recommend creating a homeowner checklist. We go over five of the most important things to add to your list.

Set Up Utilities and Services

Remember to set up your basic utilities and services, like electricity, water, heat, gas, and internet! Experts recommend coordinating the set up and activation of your utilities and services according to your moving timeline. If your new home is within your utility provider’s service area and you’d like to keep them as your provider, you can call them a few weeks prior to your move to give them your transfer information. In contrast, if you’re moving to a location that requires you to switch providers, it’s a good idea to call the new company or visit their website for instructions on activating the new service before you move in.

Plan for Emergencies

Experts recommend planning for emergency situations now, so you aren’t unprepared later. If you trip a breaker or your bathroom floods, you’ll want to know where your shutoff valves are. Be sure you know how to get to your circuit breaker, gas and water main shutoffs, and localized shutoffs.

Update Your Mailing Address

You can change your address online by visiting the USPS website. While this won’t guarantee all your mail is forwarded, it certainly helps! You’ll also want to update your address for any financial, government, and subscription accounts.

Switch Your Locks

A close up image of a person with a drill working on a lock in a door.

This is an important safety precaution that many people may skip over! Without switching locks and codes, you never know who may still have access to your new home. Be sure every lock gets replaced, including your front, back, and side entrance doors. If your new home has codes on things like the doorbell and garage openers, change those, too.

Troubleshoot Essential Features

Before planning cosmetic upgrades, be sure there are no functional repairs that are needed! Although it’s easy to be swept into wanting to change aesthetics right away to make things feel like home, you should also ensure you have enough money for any maintenance concerns.

Make sure you or a professional check:

  • The water pressure regulator/heater
  • Pipes, drainage, and aerators
  • All appliances
  • Electrical outlets, lighting, and your thermostat
  • The HVAC system and furnace filters
  • Smoke, carbon monoxide, and radon detectors
  • The roof, siding, and gutters
  • The dryer vent and hose

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