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September 21, 2022

LO Spotlight: Sherri Forbes

We embrace and celebrate our employees’ individual stories and journeys at Homestead Funding. This week’s Employee Spotlight features Sherri Forbes, a Licensed Loan Originator in our Rochester, NY branch.

Hometown Community

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, she went to Monroe Community College. “Even though Rochester is considered a medium-sized city, it’s still very small. Everybody knows somebody—it’s really like a small-town community.”

Racers making final adjustments to prepare for a race in the Greater Rochester Soap Box Derby.

A photo of racers preparing for the Greater Rochester Soap Box Derby

An active community member, Sherri is on the board of Women’s Council of Realtors, Mortgage Bankers Association, and Greater Rochester Soap Box Derby. She approaches her local efforts the same way she approaches the mortgage industry: with human connection.

Professional and Personal Growth

She joined Homestead Funding a decade ago. She credits Jane Borbee, Senior Vice Present of Operations, as the reason she joined the team. “She made us feel warm and welcomed,” Sherri said about deciding to leave her previous big bank company. “She empathized with the trouble we were having at our current company and assured us the pain points we were having would not happen at Homestead. It’s been ten years and I still think this place may be too good to be true, but it isn’t.

“Everyone’s willing to help everyone. You don’t feel like you’re on an island by yourself.”

We asked her advice to young professionals. “Listen and ask questions,” Sherri answered. “Just when you think you have it down, the market changes,” she laughed. “You’re always learning.” Sherri believes her compassion and stubbornness to get the job done are her greatest strengths. “When I was just starting, I would never say no. You could say, ‘let me find out and get back to you.’ You should always be honest and find out the answer if you’re unsure.”

Sherri standing with her award winning dog, Ginger. There is a man on their left, presenting the award ribbon to Ginger.

A photo of Sherri and her winning dog, Ginger

When not working with borrowers, Sherri enjoys golfing and traveling. “I enjoy visiting any place that has a beach. Looking at water is my relaxation.” She also breeds and shows Lowchen dogs, some of whom are Grand Champions. “It introduced me to a nice, little community,” she said. “It’s another way of networking and getting to know people.”

Sherri sits on the right of her husband and son. She is smiling as she looks towards them.

A photo of Sherri (right) with her family

Sherri notes that her biggest accomplishment is being able to be the best Loan Originator she can be. “What makes me feel the best is when I can help someone.”

Homestead Funding is honored to have unique and dedicated employees who work every day to ensure the success of their other coworkers and the community they serve. To learn more about how we can help your homeownership dreams, contact us today.

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