July 2, 2023

How to Keep Your Pets Safe During Fireworks

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Independence Day is a great time to spend with friend and family, including our pets! Fireworks are a long-standing tradition for the summer holiday and are often set off during celebrations and events, large or small. While we may find fireworks exciting, many of our pets may panic when these bright rockets emerge. Pets and beloved animals are more sensitive to loud noises, flashing lights, and strong smells than most humans. To ensure your pets and beloved animals stay safe during fireworks displays, let’s look at some ways you can keep them safe.

Before the Fireworks Launch

Collar and Microchip Your Pets

Some pets may try to get as far from the bright flashes and loud sounds as they can, even if it means leaving their home! Make sure your pets have a microchip that can be read if they turn up lost and a collar that includes their name and your phone number.

Burn Off Their Energy
A couple relaxing with their sleepy dog. The dog is upside down and showing their belly as they lean on their owner.

Before the festivities begin, make sure your pet’s energy is worn out. Take your dogs on large walks or play energetically outside with your beloved animal. This will help them use up a lot of physical and mental energy. It may assist in reducing their anxieties later on in the evening.

During Fireworks

Muffle the Noise and Flashes

Closing your windows and curtains during firework displays helps to muffle the sound and visuals that make pets anxious. Turning on the television or radio at a low volume in the same room as your pet adds an extra barrier as well.

Keep Your Pets Occupied

If you’re unable to be in the same room as your pet during holiday displays, be sure to surround them with their favorite things. High value treats with puzzle or KONG toys will help them focus on something other than their looming anxiety.

A Warm, Fuzzy Hug

Like people, animals can also suffer from anxiety. They may require grounding to make them feel safe and less anxious. Much like we may wrap ourselves in our favorite blanket after a hard day, the close comfort of an anxiety vest or snugly fitting shirt can help ease your pets’ nervous systems to help them relax.

When They’re Over

Trash-free Space

On and around the Fourth of July, the Animal Poison Control Center sees an increase of calls concerning pets who have ingested fireworks. Fireworks contain several types of chemicals and heavy metals. If you set them off at home, be sure to thoroughly clean up the area before letting your pet have access to the area.

Comfort and Praise

While some experts may say that comforting pets after small anxieties creates a reward system for your animal, pet reactions to fireworks are based on legitimate fear. Comforting them after the fireworks are over helps them build a trusting and loving relationship with you. Sitting close to them, petting them gently, and offering quiet words of reassurance can help them settle down and may even reduce their fears.

Safe and Happy at Home

We want our companions to feel safe and happy, much like how they make us feel. That’s why it’s important to ensure their fireworks experience is as stress-free as possible. From all of us at Homestead Funding, we wish you a very Happy Fourth of July! For all your home finance needs, contact us today!

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