October 14, 2021

Is My House Haunted? 4 Things to Look For

One in four of us have lived in a haunted house, according to a Realtor.com report. So, what are some signs (and possible explanations) that ghosts have made themselves at home in your house?

Flickering Lights

This can be a really spooky one! Have you noticed any of your lights flickering on and off? This may be the work of ghosts.

If it’s not caused by spirits, consider checking the bulbs and your electric connection. Do the lights flicker when you turn the switch yourself? If you can’t quite get to the bottom of it, you may want to call an electrician.

Hearing Spooky Sounds

Have you heard footsteps, thumping, voices, or other spooky sounds around the house? Some might see this as a sign of paranormal activity. Fifty-four percent of people said hearing spooky noises lead them to believe their house was haunted. If you hear any of these creepy sounds, you could be overhearing a ghost.

Is there a non-ghostly explanation? Sure. Thumping sounds might be the work of some lose pipes. You may want to check your plumbing. If you’re hearing footsteps, it could be squirrels, mice, or other animals running amok in your attic or in the walls. Even what sounds like voices could be animal sounds, so make sure to check for critters.

Cold Spots or Strange Feelings

Forty-five percent of respondents reported that it was “odd feelings in certain rooms” that made them believe their house was haunted. If you’ve ever experienced a sudden cold spot or a strange feeling in a specific area, this could be a sign your house is haunted.

Not convinced? Here are some other explanations. Maybe there is some air coming in through a vent of which you weren’t aware. Look around and see if you can spot some vents hiding in unexpected spots. Otherwise, maybe it’s simply a draft. Be sure to check your windows – do they need updating?

Are Ghostly Companions Living in Your House?

Almost 1 in 5 people say that they have seen or been in the presence of a ghost, according to a survey by Pew Research Center. Whether you believe in the supernatural or you like to stick to the facts, it’s always a good idea to check in on the state of your house and keep up with your home maintenance. And if you're in need of home financing to make any repairs and stay on track with your home ownership goals, make sure to contact us today.

Sources: Realtor.com, Pew Research Center

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