February 16, 2021

How to Smarten Up Your Home

Innovations in smart home technology are happening quickly, increasing the prevalence of smart home features. This technology can bring a lot of convenience, and it can potentially save time, energy, and money. So how can you implement smart home technology in your home?

Smart Hub and Smart Home Assistant

There are lots of smart home assistants on the market to choose from. These can typically be found in the form of a speaker. Using voice commands with these speakers, you can ask the smart assistant to play music, set reminders, set alarms, make grocery lists, and all kinds of other helpful tasks. You can also connect it with your other smart technology to control things like the temperature and turning lights on or off. These smart assistant speakers will typically include a smart hub, which is the center for controlling all your devices. You can purchase a separate smart hub device if your speaker doesn’t include one.

Smart Lightbulbs

Another type of item you can add to your smart home collection are smart lightbulbs. These are energy efficient, and you can control them through an app or by talking to your digital assistant. You can even purchase smart lightbulbs that light up with different colors.

Smart Doorbell

A smart doorbell isn’t just any old doorbell. It’s built with a camera so you can monitor who comes to your door, which is a great security feature. You can also speak remotely with people at your door who ring the bell. Smart doorbells provide a completely new level of home security that’s great for keeping your family and your house safer. You can also get smart security cameras to place inside and outside of the home that have similar features, like being able to access the cameras from anywhere to see what’s going on.

Smart Locks

If you don’t like the struggle of trying to find the right key when you get home or the potential of losing a key and getting locked out, a smart lock might help you out quite a bit. There are lots of different options when it comes to this type of technology, so you can pick between a keyless system, a keyed system, or even unlocking using your smartphone. Many smart locks are equipped with safety features that protect against potential burglaries, including automatic relocking and break-in alerts to your smartphone.

Smart Thermostat

The automation and convenience that comes from having a smart thermostat are highly beneficial. You can set the temperature from your home and control it through an app. You can adjust the temperature from wherever you are, which is great for saving energy.

Smart Refrigerators

These days, refrigerators can contain photos, notes and grocery lists, calendars, and more. Plus, they’re good at temperature control. What better place to leave notes for family members and check your schedule for the day than the fridge?

Technology helps us in all kinds of different ways, making our lives more convenient and efficient. We hope that these ideas for making your home smarter and more efficient help. And if you’re looking for smart home financing solutions, be sure to contact us today to find out how we can help. When it comes to enjoying an easy financing process, utilize our app, Homestead Moves, for convenient features that make for a smart mortgage process.

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