February 2, 2023

The Best Ways to Maximize Your Home's Natural Light in Winter

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The months of Winter bring shorter days and minimum daylight hours. While lamps and other artificial light offer some relief, nothing can quite replace natural light for the human body. Natural light boosts serotonin, the hormone responsible for stabilizing your mood and wellbeing.

Use Mirrors Strategically

A sitting room interior with natural light filling the space. There is a brown couch and a multitude of plants. Perpendicular to the window, a gold framed mirror is over a white, decorated hearth.

Mirrors are a fantastic home design element with a variety of functions. In addition to making a space feel larger, a strategically placed mirror can also disperse and scatter existing natural light into other areas within a space. Experts recommend placing mirrors perpendicular to the window is best, although you can also place them on walls facing the window.

Consciously Use White

A large dining room with a light wood dining table and mismatched chairs. There is a brilliant chandelier above. The room's door frame, wall trim, and ceiling are painted white.

Light is easily lost or absorbed into darker colors. Lighter shades reflect light, allowing it to naturally travel across a room. Pure white certainly isn’t for everyone, so be sure to look at colors that have underlying color temperatures. Experts also recommend painting the eaves or overhangs of your roof white. When sunlight hits the eaves, the natural light is reflected into your windows and into your space. Because of how eaves angle toward a house, the curbside appearance will not be drastically affected.

Finishes and Surface Details

A bronze kitchen sink is visible beneath gray cupboards. Behind the sink is a tiled backsplash reminiscent of white marble.

Surfaces and finishes can also affect how light travels. Second to glass, ceramic tiles are more reflective than surfaces that absorb a portion of light, such as wood or concrete. Including a backsplash of ceramic tiles in the bathroom or kitchen can help light move across a space farther.

It’s also a good idea to think about how other surfaces behave in your space. Using a finishing stain with gloss on wooden furniture will breathe new life into your pieces in addition to allowing more light into the room.

Window Improvements

A view of a sitting room with white and beige furniture. There are two large windows letting in winter's bright light.

Cleaning your windows regularly ensures they’re letting in as much light as possible. Windows naturally build up grime from snow, rain, and other precipitation. The more dirt that covers the glass panes, the less light is being let in. You can also remove the screens from windows you’re less likely to open during winter to let light in more easily.

Seasonal Options

A vibrant pink couch sits in the center of a living room.

Darker woods and upholstery can make gray days even more gloomy. If you’re not ready for new furniture, using a light-colored slipcover for your couch or loveseat can brighten up a living space. Finish it off with some bright and cheery pillows and cozy throws for both you and your guests to enjoy.

Sunshine Ahead

A well-decorated bedroom with cobalt painted walls. There is light filling the space.

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