June 9, 2022

From House to Home: How to Include Personal Touches in Your Decor

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You’ve bought a new house. Congratulations! Once everything is brought to your new space and the chaos of moving has subsided, it’s time to focus on making your new house feel like home. Your new home is much more than just an investment, it’s the space you will occupy, grow, and love for years to come. Below, we’ve outlined some tips to help your new house feel more like home.

Hang Art

Hanging things on your walls can add personality while also filling up empty space. Before deciding on a location for your art, think of how it will affect other pieces in the room and the overall feeling. Would it look better in a different room? Are you planning on hanging more than one piece? Research shows that simply looking at art can reduce stress and make you happy. The more you surround yourself with things that make you feel good, the more you’ll capture that feeling of “home.”

Make Guests Feel Welcome

Your entryway is the first space you and your visitors will see when arriving in your space. Keep your front entrance clear of leaves and accessorize with a welcome mat. Think of what furniture will work best without cluttering the space—do you need a mail table or a shoe rack? Decorating your front walk, your door, or porch will also help your home feel more complete.

Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Fill your bedroom with textures and colors that make you happy. Make sure you have ample space for storage to stay organized. If you’ve inherited a special family object, such as a quilt or special photograph, consider placing it somewhere close to bring you comfort. If you’re not in love with the walls, consider repainting or adding wallpaper.

Include Reminders of Previous Homes

Having a physical reminder of another place you felt like home, such as your childhood house, can help your new space feel more familiar. Pick a few things that hold a sense of childhood warmth for you and incorporate them into your décor is a wonderful way to instantly brighten your home.

Don’t Forget Your Windows

Updating older curtains, blinds, shades, and shutters can incorporate your style and make a room feel more put together. Hanging string lights or adding stained glass film can make your space feel simply magical.

Change the Walls

Is there an area in your new space that you love but can’t seem to make it feel finished? Painting an accent wall or a smaller room can give your space an instant refresh and help incorporate your style. Adding fun wallpaper to a half bath can brighten up the space as well.

Invite Those You Love

Seeing your friends and family inside of your new space may help you envision a more complete home. They may also offer insights on ways to incorporate your style that you had overlooked!

Home Sweet Home

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