Homestead Happenings
July 6, 2021

Homestead’s Happiest Customers

Here at Homestead, we are extremely proud of the hard work and professionalism that each and every one of our Loan Originators demonstrate daily. Their continual dedication to their clients and the mortgage industry, is what makes Homestead one of the top mortgage firms in the area. Today, we will let some of our borrowers share in their own words what their Loan Originators mean to them!

Making the Home Buying Process Enjoyable

Whether it’s your first home, your second, or even your third, buying a home isn’t always a smooth process. There are hassles, unexpected twists and turns, and a whole lot of questions to be asked. Fortunately, that’s what the Loan Originators at Homestead Funding are here for. Providing exceptional service is what we do, as can be seen in the review below:  

Stepping Up During Unconventional Times

This past year was one no one quite expected. With masks, and quarantines, and social distancing, life as we once knew it became incredibly different. Despite these differences, the Loan Originators at Homestead brought the same enthusiasm and dedication to the job as before. This commitment to providing consistency during an otherwise unconventional time is what inspired the following review:

“I was laid off due to Covid-19, and even though I had great credit and never missed a mortgage payment, when I found a new job and needed to move, I couldn't get a lender to work with me because I had been unemployed - until my Realtor recommended Greg. I spelled everything out and he asserted he could work with me. He was right - I am cleared to close! Greg always returned my calls and emails very quickly and never left me hanging. He is very positive and engaging, and I knew he was there through every possible bump. At the beginning of this process I wanted to work with a human - not a website, and Greg was just what I wanted. I can't recommend him enough!” (Zillow, March 2020; LO: Gregory P. Romaine)

Relationships that Span the Years

At Homestead our Loan Originators treat each and every client like their relationship will last a lifetime because, in many cases, it truly does. Many clients of Homestead have been with the company and even the same Loan Originator for years. The review below highlights such a case:

“I have worked with Jessica over the course of nearly 2 decades and sometimes at a distance of 3,000 miles. We have all weathered the last ten years of ups and downs in the housing market. It has been a privilege to work with someone who maintained her ‘stick-to-it-ivness', her candor (gently prevented me from making the wrong mortgage move), and accessibility throughout the housing crisis, a pandemic, and my own inaccessibility! She is terrific. I work with no one else in New York.” - Zillow, Pell Kennedy, 2020; LO: Jessica Lee Brate)

Success Stories

The success stories of Homestead funding can be attributed not only to our fantastic Loan Originators, but also to our underwriters, closers, and all of our operational staff. It is due to their daily efforts and consistent tendency to going above and beyond for their clients, that Homestead has strived for so many years. If you are looking to create your own success story of buying a home or refinancing your own, make sure you contact us today!  

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