June 29, 2023

Top Home Design Trends to Incorporate in Summer 2023

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The changing of seasons can create great opportunities to transform areas in your home. Just as you decorate or adjust for the cold weather and Holiday season, you deserve a refresh for summer! Here’s a look at the hottest 2023 home trends to try this summer season.

Diffuse Harsh Light with Paper and Fabric Lighting

A bedroom with a mural of ombre mountains and bright paper lighting.

Paper lanterns and fabric light shades are making a comeback. Unlike glass or ceramic lighting, paper and fabric diffuse light for a warm, soft glow. The arrival of summer means more hours of daylight. These lighting styles lend themselves beautifully to helping your rooms transition from day into night. They’re perfect for mimicking summer sunsets as you relax into cool escapes from the balmy night.

The Hot Colors of Summer 2023

A decorated dining room with a pink and orange marbled wall, plants, and wood elements.

The newest color schemes for summer are reminiscent of sunny days and beach vacations. Coastal blues, earth tones, pinks, and pastels are the “in” colors of this year. Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year, Viva Magenta, is a vibrant red-leaning pink that perfectly balances warm and cool toned colors.

Earth tones naturally lend themselves to associations with nature and offer calming effects to the mind after a long day. They also lend themselves to easily be incorporated into classic costal summer styles with natural elements.

Sustainable and Natural Furnishings

A dining area with mixed wood furniture, net lighting, and a cool green-gray wall.

With sustainable and green practices entering mainstream designs nation-wide, it’s no surprise interior design experts are just as obsessed! Sustainable wood, wicker, and bamboo are increasingly popular as furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Bamboo has always been favored in the Eastern cultures for its versatility, durability, and light weight.

Monochromatic Room Schemes

A green monochromatic bedroom with edison bulbs.

A monochromatic color scheme uses one hue throughout multiple elements in a space, such as the same wall color as the décor and textiles in a sleeping area. You can elevate this idea further by incorporating other monochromatic accents in a complimentary hue. Even if using muted or pastel hues, monochromatic rooms always stand out as bold additions.

Classic Décor with a Modern Refinement

A snippet of a living room. A black and white map of New York neighborhoods hangs in a wooden frame on the wall. A wooden cabinet holds a statue head.

During the past several years during the pandemic, contemporary paintings and gallery walls were the “it” décor for homes. Thoughtful inclusions of sculptures and tapestries are breaking ground this year instead. Both of these decorating elements provide interesting texture and movement throughout your space.

Your Home, Your Style, Your Summer Oasis

A neutral painted room with pink and linen bedspread.

Being able to paint and rearrange your space whenever and however you please are only a few of the many benefits of homeownership. If your home is no longer meeting your needs, contact us today to learn more about our diverse purchase and renovation loan programs.

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