December 9, 2021

2021 Holiday Gifts Your Loved Ones Will Appreciate

Another rollercoaster year is coming to a close. Now is a time to reflect on those in our lives and show our appreciation with great gifts. If you’re a person who struggles with gift ideas, read on to find suggestions for every recipient you may encounter.

Home Offices Don’t Have to be Boring

People are working remotely or hybrid schedules now more than ever. Assisting your loved ones in enhancing their home workspace can make the mundane feel a bit more manageable. Laptop stands, noise cancelling headphones, or artistic mousepads are great for tech-savvy recipients that already have a solid space. Desk figurines or picture frames containing precious memories can help a space feel less mundane. Candles and houseplants enhance spaces as well without being limited to only being enjoyed in an office.

The Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach

People have spent more time cooking at home this past year than previous decades. The United States Department of Agriculture revealed that 2021 is the first year since the Great Recession of 2008 that Americans have spent more money going to the grocery store, farms, and other food retailers than at restaurants, fast-food places, and other food-away-from-home eating places.

If your recipient has ample kitchen space and enjoys cooking, accessories and small appliances may be the way to go for gifts this year. Cutting boards made of sustainable or recycled materials, a small Instantpot or Crockpot, aprons, or fun gadgets like milk foamers, popcorn poppers, waffle makers, or a beautifully made coffee mug are all great options.

Do you know a person who enjoys eating but isn’t the best at cooking? Sign them up for a fun tutorial class! Whether remote or in person, cooking classes are a great way for a person to feel confident and excited about cooking and, more importantly, eating. Food plan services that have pre-measured ingredients can also encourage folks to try new meals in a home environment.

Holiday Glow Ups

Beauty and makeup have already started to make a comeback and the industries will continue to prosper into the New Year. Along with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters becoming accessible to nearly every American, we have more safe opportunities to dress up and show off without masks. Makeup palettes that contain bold and fun colors give your recipient an opportunity to experiment with a new look for the New Year.

If you’re unsure of what palette or color combinations to purchase, looking for beauty tools is another thoughtful choice. A basic set of makeup brushes can be purchased for under twenty dollars, for example.

Show People You Care by Encouraging Self-Care

The quiet of Winter can help remind us to slow down and take care of ourselves. Especially coming out of the Holidays with family, all of us could use a little rest and relaxation. Spa-like items such as cozy slippers, pumice stones and nail polish, or bath salts and bath bombs are all great gift options that show your recipient that you value the space they need to care for themselves. If your recipient is more of a minimalist but you still want to pamper them, consider a spa gift certificate or attending a yoga class together. Your recipient will not only feel cared for, but may also feel closer to you!

Don’t Forget the Kiddos!

It can often be difficult to relate to current youth—and even harder to buy for. Although gift cards are a sure-fire way for younger recipients to get what they really want, try to think a little deeper this year.

For babies and toddlers, soft-touch sensory books are always a wonderful option. Simple, illustrated stories that can be read with a caregiver or explored on their own can help young children with retention and memory. Puzzle games such as stackers or manipulation toys can also increase cognitive functions and focus times.

Older children, like those in grade school, have most likely started to develop personal interests, a sense of self, and small goals. A more active child that enjoys recess or Physical Education will most likely enjoy gifts that encourage movement, such as bikes or scooters, winter sport classes, or other physically active toys like frisbees, balls, or hula hoops. A child that can’t get enough of teacher recommended books might adore a journal set, activity books, or even an e-reader. Miniature artists might love to receive museum admission tickets, large art sets, or a set of small kitchen tools to assist caregivers in the kitchen.

Although teens are notoriously moody, giving them thoughtful gifts that don’t “dumb down” their age or intelligence can make you the cool relative this year. Tabletop games and puzzles, young adult novels, and the latest tech are all great options. If your teen recipient is obsessed with a certain television show or celebrity, personalized message sites such as Cameo could leave them starstruck and excited. Intricate block-building sets are also enjoyed by kids of all ages.

If you have concerns about what may or may not be age appropriate, ask the recipient’s caregivers for advice. They will most likely appreciate this gesture as well, ensuring their kiddo will get the most out of whatever you decide to give them.

Shop Small and Local When Possible

Before you take to Amazon, think about shopping from smaller or local shops instead. Between lockdown, worker shortages, and supply chains, small businesses have suffered a lot these past few years. Supporting small business helps artists and the local community at the same time. It also encourages healthy competition and the money you spend is given back to the community. If you’re unsure where to start, consider searching for local co-ops or gift shops online. Etsy also has a Local Seller filter option you may wish to utilize.

Above all, try to make the gifts you give this year ones from the heart. We’ve all been through a lot in recent years and those closest to you are happy to be thought of. Whatever gift you choose, know that your love and inclusion throughout the year will last longer than any other gift.

From all of us at Homestead Funding, we’re wishing you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season. Contact us to learn more about how we can give you the gift of home financing.

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