February 14, 2023

Home Sweet Home: How to Fall in Love with Your Home Again

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In recent years, we’ve been spending more time at home. Be sure your home is growing and changing with your needs and preferences. It’s time for you to fall back in love with your home again!

Reuse Old Favorites

A living room interior featuring a large red-orange couch with velvet crushed pillows in blue, orange, and red.

If you’ve had objects in storage for an extended period, pull them out and try them in your space in new ways! You can also brighten up cushion covers or blankets that no longer match by DIY-dying them a different color.

Move Things Around

A living space fully decorated with a wood stove, large windows, exposed brick wall, and sitting room.

Rearranging a space, even with the same objects and furniture, can help the area feel fresh. By changing physical arrangements, you’re naturally allowing your brain to navigate and view a room differently. If you don’t want to commit to fully rearranging your room, you could restyle some shelves or rotate what art pieces you use.

Take Away What Doesn’t Bring Happiness

A bright kitchen with a white backsplash and decorated stove.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only keeping objects that “spark joy” may inspire you to fall back in love. Seeing something we dislike every day in a space that’s supposed to make us feel comfortable can lead us to feelings of resentment and ultimately make us dislike being in that space. Instead of filling space, experts recommend curating your rooms to feel full of joy and meaning.

Try Something New

A bedroom with a decorated headboard and colorful sheets.

With furniture rental services, it’s become easier for homeowners to experiment with different furniture before making a purchasing commitment. Alternatively, you can achieve the same “newness” feeling from experimenting with a new color scheme in your curtains, cushions, rugs, or knickknacks.

Fill it With Those You Love

Friends laughing and sharing a meal in a space together.

Preparing your home for company, love, and socializing may help you see the space a little differently. A house feels much more like a home when you’re creating precious memories inside! Your loved ones may also provide suggestions for a room. The next time you have friends over, ask them what part of your home is their favorite and why.

In Love All Over Again

A parent playing guitar and singing with their child who is playing drums on a pillow.

Just like love, the relationships we have with our surroundings don’t have to be stagnant. There are many ways you can bring the magic back into the mundane with a few easy tricks. And if you feel your home needs an adjustment for you to fully love it, check out our renovation programs! For all your home finance needs, contact us today.

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