May 6, 2021

Easy Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts: Make Her Day Special

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. If you have yet to come up with the perfect gifts for the mothers in your life, check out these easy ideas.

1. Handwritten Notes in a Jar

This gift is easy and last-minute, but is full of love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. Write all the reasons you love this mother on little notes and place them in a jar. This is also a great gift to do with kids – just cut out little hearts on construction paper and have them write notes or draw little pictures on them.

2. Cupcakes or Dipped Fruit

Make some yummy treats yourself or buy her favorite delicious sweets. Fruit dipped in chocolate is often a great option!

3. Coupon Book

Coupon books are great gifts because they’re easy to make and they are the type of gifts that just keep giving. You can even make them digitally! Just type or write out the things you or the kids are willing to do for Mom, and there you go! Coupons could include back rubs, making her a fancy meal, washing her car, and anything else you could do for her to brighten her day.

4. A Gift Card

Gift cards are the best last-minute gift – and for good reason! They are easy, quick, and they’re always well-appreciated. You can choose to give one to her in person or send her an e-gift card which can even include a video and a message. Pick her favorite shop or restaurant or get her a gift card for a massage or pedicure. Combine it with a heartfelt message or card and she’s bound to love it.

5. Self-Care Kit

Create a self-care kit or basket by putting together several items to help her pamper herself. Bath salts, candles, face masks, tea, a gift card to her favorite coffee place, lotion, or fuzzy socks. If you can find specific items you know she loves, that’s even better!

Have a Great Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to recognize and honor all the mothers around us. We hope these ideas helped inspire you when it comes to showing the mothers in your life appreciation.

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