July 23, 2021

Are You Ready for a Staycation?

If you are looking to stay a little closer to home this summer, maybe a staycation is the right choice for you. What is a staycation? A staycation is an increasingly popular trend where instead of traveling to a faraway destination, you travel local or even stay right at home. Let's look at some ways and reasons to staycation.  

Reasons to Staycation

Staycations have numerous benefits. For one thing, they can cost significantly less than a traditional vacation and they can be much less stressful. Additionally, they can also be much easier to plan, save for, and they can also help support your local community.

Ways to Staycation: At Home

Yes, you can indeed staycation right own home! Whether that means tenting in the backyard or glamping in the living room, you can make your home feel like a home-away from home by following these easy activity ideas or brainstorming some of your own:

  1. DIY Spa Day: A little pampering is never a bad way to start off a vacation. Pick up some spa essentials from a local boutique and spend the day relaxing.
  1. Backyard ‘Drive In’: Pick out a few classics or catch up on some new releases.  
  1. Mini Fieldtrips: One of the best parts of a vacation but often the most stressful is all the actives. Picking just one activity per day can help you feel like you’re exploring but without all the pressure.  

Ways to Staycation: Local Tourist Style

Another easy way to staycation is to play “tourist” in your own community or at an instate destination. Whichever you choose, you will be amazed at how much time and money you will save, all while getting to experience something new right in your local area! Some great ways to start are by:  

  1. Break out the Bucket List: So often we get too caught up in our daily schedules to explore what is around us. Make time to cross off something you have always wanted to do in your local area or state.
  1. Book a room at Bed and Breakfast or Inn: Not only will this provide a different experience from big brand hotels or resorts, but they are also a great way to support local communities and learn more about the history of any place.
  1. Nature Exploration: Whether you find a few simple nature walks or you challenge yourself to a local peak, getting outside and in a new environment will leave you feeling refreshed.

Whether you are ‘staycationing’ close to home this summer or jetting off on the vacation of your dreams, don’t forget to contact us today if you’re looking to purchase or refinance a home when you get back! One of our experienced Loan Originators is ready to help you achieve your home financing goals.

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