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March 26, 2024

App and Mortgage Security: Keeping You Safe Through Home Financing

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The mortgage process has a lot of moving parts and sensitive data. As you’re getting your finances in order, house hunting, and making plans, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether your information is protected.

That’s why our Loan Originators are equipped with our personalized mobile app, Homestead Moves, that keeps you updated throughout every step of the process.

What Makes Homestead Moves Different

At Homestead Funding, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to our borrowers. Our app prioritizes the user experience to guarantee everything is accessible.

Milestone Progression

Easily access information about your loan progress all in one place. You can view your loan number, amount, interest rate, and track your milestones. You’ll be able to see in real time when your loan reaches underwriting or processing. Your Loan Originator can send you a pre-qualification letter so you have it readily available on your phone when house hunting.

Communication, All in One Place

Do you have a quick question for your Loan Originator or real estate agent about your loan? From the app, you can easily call, text, or email your home financing success team.

Estimations and Calculations

Your app’s dashboard includes three different calculators: purchase, refinance, and affordability. As you explore loan programs with your Loan Originator, you can build out different payment estimation scenarios. Each saved scenario can then be shared with your Loan Originator, co-borrower, and real estate agent so everyone stays on the same page about your goals.

Fully Secure

As a mortgage company, we collect certain personal information in connection with the services we provide. We never sell your data to third-party organizations.

Data collected from the Homestead Moves app is encrypted, so your security is maintained throughout the loan process.

Paperless Documentation

Submitting your mortgage documents has never been easier! Using your phone’s camera, you can submit necessary documents with just a few taps. You have the option to take a photo of your document or send a PDF file from your phone or file management tool, like Dropbox or Google Drive. Once submitted, your LO receives a notification.

As well as submitting documents, you can also electronically sign necessary paperwork.

When you work with a Licensed Loan Originator from Homestead Funding, we take your security and home financing success seriously. Ready to take the first steps? Contact us today!

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