March 24, 2023

Preparing Your Garden for Spring: Tips and Tricks

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Just as you clean your home with a spring cleaning, you can do the same for your garden. For many regions in the country, the tail end of Winter and very early Spring present the best time to begin your garden preparations. If you’re new to gardening or just need a refresher, let’s go over five important ways you can get your garden ready for planting.

1. Plan Beforehand

By planning out your garden before you begin to plant, you’re setting yourself up for success! Doing some research about the limitations of your planting zone and soil will ensure you’re choosing the best plants and placements for your region.

2. Clean and Organize Your Tools

Clean gardening tools are important to be sure you aren’t spreading infections from previous plants to your fresh soil. If your tools are rusting, you can clean them carefully with some steel wool and gentle dishwasher soap. Ideally, gardening tools should be cleaned after each use. Well maintained tools also help to preserve them and save you money in the long run.

3. Garden Tidying

Before planting, be sure to clear away any winter debris, dead growth, and weeds. Weeds compete with growing plants for moisture and nutrients. They can also host a lot of insects and disease. Clearing out pests before you begin planting will save you time and precious plants.

4. Prep Your Soil

The good news is your soil is already workable after the final winter frost. You can begin work before planting without losing precious gardening time. Ensure your soil isn’t too compact to ensure water and nutrients are distributed to root systems and plants. If necessary, now is the time to add compost, mulch, or other nutrients.

5. Seedlings

Planting seeds depends more on soil temperature than air temperature. As you wait for your soil to warm to its proper temperature, you can start seeds inside. Keep them warm and watered until they germinate. You’ll need to harden off your seedlings before transplanting, a process of transitioning seedlings from protected indoor growing conditions to outdoor realities of wind, cold, and direct sun. Once the first true leaves appear, you can transplant them to your garden.

Happy Growing

An older person's hands in close detail planting some lettuce.

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