November 4, 2021

Creating Lasting Memories: 5 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions

It’s never too late to start fun new traditions, and with Thanksgiving coming up, it’s a perfect opportunity to do so. In search of some traditions to make your holiday even more special? Check out our list.

Get Crafting

If you’re looking for something the whole family can do together, try doing a Thanksgiving craft. Whether it’s making turkeys out of construction paper or creating a wreath, crafting is a fun way for the family to spend time together.

Turn the Tablecloth into a Thanksgiving Keepsake

Each year as the family gathers for the Thanksgiving meal, encourage everyone to draw on the tablecloth. They can trace their hands and draw turkeys, write what they’re thankful for, and doodle anything else they like. Once the day is over, you can keep the tablecloth as a memory of the year’s Thanksgiving.

Come up with Your Own Special Cocktail

Get creative and make up a signature Thanksgiving cocktail! Creating a unique, Thanksgiving-themed drink is a great way to add a fun, personal touch to the celebrations!

Go on a Vacation

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving by yourself or you simply want to do something different with the family, consider going on a Thanksgiving trip. Apart from the joy of going on a vacation, you will also be able to benefit from smaller crowds if most people are celebrating at home.


A great way to give back is to donate canned goods to local shelters. Instead of the typical wine or snacks your guests might bring, ask them to bring clothing or canned goods to donate.

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