April 18, 2024

10 Easy Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

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Is your home in need of a refresher? Whether you’re hosting events this season, getting ready to sell, or simply need a spruce up, you can add value to your home without breaking the bank. Let’s look at 10 upgrades you can do yourself that add value and look great.

1. Spruce Up the Paint

Repainting a space is one of the easiest ways to make it feel new again. Experts recommending starting with small test areas and swatches before committing to a full gallon. This way, you can see how the color is affected by light and how it makes you feel within the space.

2. Power Wash Cleaning

Power washing is a great way to remove grime, dirt, and rust build up. You can use them on decks, some home exteriors, wood or vinyl fences, paved or asphalt driveways and walkways. Just be sure to check the pressure and safety instructions!

3. Energy Efficient LED Lights

LED lights are more energy efficient and give off less heat than traditional light bulbs. You can save money on your electrical bills and retrieve a return on investment. According to Zillow, mentioning LED lights in a home’s listing can lead to selling for 1.5% more than expected.

4. Upgrade Fixtures and Hardware

Replacing everyday fixtures and hardware may seem small, but they can really pull a home refresh together. New doorknobs, curtain rods and curtains, and light switch covers can be the perfect final details.

5. Ramp Up Your Landscaping

Curb appeal creates a great first impression. Even without a green thumb, cleaning up the space of debris, overgrown weeds, or dead plants can make a huge difference. Consider adding hanging planters or window boxes to add life and vibrancy to your exterior.

6. New House Numbers

Well-placed and visible house numbers are important for far more than just aesthetic purposes. Package delivery services, food deliveries, and emergency personnel all use house numbers to ensure they’re providing the right services to the right people.

7. Revitalize Your Floors

A lot of activity happens on your home’s floors! Performing a deep clean can reduce grime and dirt from everyday use. If your hardwood floors have minor scratches from furniture or years of use, you can apply a mixture equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil and wipe it away after 24 hours. Area rugs underneath furniture prevents future scratch problems.

8. Storage Solutions

Managing clutter and maximalist rooms can be tricky without proper storage. Adding some easy shelves and cabinets gives you the means to stow or display the pieces you may not have space for otherwise. Reducing clutter can help a space feel larger and more relaxed.

9. Upstairs Ceiling Fans

Do you have a hard time controlling the temperature in upstairs rooms? Maybe you notice they’re a bit chillier in the winter or warmer in the summer than other parts of your home. Adding a ceiling fan with a directional switch can help air circulate where its needed. In the warmer months, your fan should move counterclockwise to create a down draft and reduce stuffiness. When it starts to get cold, flip the switch to move the warmer air up and circulating through living spaces.

10. Caulk Refresh

Caulk seals up cracks and gaps to keep air and water out. Typically, it can last around five years. However, if it begins to peel, dry out, or if you see water leaking through, it’s time for a replacement. Take it off with a scraper or utility knife, clean the area with disinfectant to stop mold, and then apply fresh caulking. Easy fix!

A Much Needed Restore

Seasonal maintenance and keeping up with your home repairs are two everyday ways you can ensure your home looks its best for longer. Sometimes, a light refresh isn’t enough. For larger renovation solutions or your other home financing needs, contact us!

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