FHA 203(h) Loan For Disaster Victims

Highlights of the FHA 203(h) Loan For Disaster Victims

  • Up to 100% financing on purchase transactions
  • Up to 97.75% financing on refinance transactions (combined with 203 (k) program)
  • Eligible properties include 1 unit primary residence and FHA approved condos
  • 30-year fixed
  • Seller-paid closing costs permitted, up to 6%
  • Eligibility remains for up to one year from the date of declaration​

What is a FHA 203(h) Loan?

An FHA 203(h) is loan program that could allow up to 100% financing to help victims of disasters purchase or refinance a new home after their home was destroyed.

How a FHA 203(h) Loan Work:

An FHA 203(h) loan can help life return to normal. If your current home is located in a Presidentially Designated Major Disaster Area (PDMDA) and destroyed, you may qualify.

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