November 17, 2020

How to Have a Safe and Fun Thanksgiving

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Thanksgiving this year. It’s important to find ways to have a wonderful holiday, despite 2020’s challenges. We put together this list of ways to be safe this Thanksgiving and still have an enjoyable time with loved ones.

Limit the Size of Your Group

Keeping gatherings small is key to decreasing the likelihood that the virus will spread. When deciding how to handle the size of your gathering, think of group size by the number of households rather than the number of individuals. Celebrating with the 5 people you already live with is less risky than celebrating with 5 people who all come from different households.

Wear Masks

Masks will help when it comes to reducing the possibility of spread, so be sure to wear masks as much as possible. Since you can’t eat while wearing a mask, try eating in shifts while distanced or eating outdoors.  


Anyone attending your Thanksgiving celebration has the option to quarantine for 14 days before the gathering. Even if it’s not possible for them to quarantine completely, reducing contact with others as much as possible will certainly help.

Get Tested

Getting tested before and after gathering is a good way to avoid spreading the virus. A positive test beforehand will let you know to skip the gathering, and a positive test afterward will tell you to quarantine and to inform those you have been around.

Rethink the Menu

This year, you might rethink what and how you serve your Thanksgiving meal. Maybe you’re having a smaller gathering and you want to simplify the meal. Or maybe you can break it up into different courses. When it comes to the menu, now is the time to think outside the box!

We don’t have to let Thanksgiving go by this year without having a great time with loved ones. Being smart and safe this year doesn’t have to ruin the fun. Use these tips to help your family stays healthy while enjoying a festive and exciting Thanksgiving!

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