August 27, 2020

How to Have a Garage Sale During COVID-19

Garage sale season, typically starting Memorial Day weekend, should have long been in full swing. But with the coronavirus pandemic, garage sales had been put on pause. So now that many areas are opening up, how do you hold a safe garage sale? Whether you’re clearing out to prep for a big move or you’re just trying to declutter, read on to learn what you need to do to have a successful garage sale during a pandemic.

Check if a Permit is Required
Pandemic or not, always check if your city requires a permit and be sure to obtain one if it does. Call your local city hall or visit their website to determine the need for a garage sale permit. Along with a permit, you may also receive a checklist for large gatherings that will advise you on how to ensure your garage sale is safe.

Sanitize and Display Items Strategically

Before you begin selling your items, be sure to sanitize everything thoroughly. Then organize your item displays with social distancing in mind. Working to set things up in a way that allows people to browse without having to touch items will foster a good environment for keeping distance and avoiding contact with others. Use tables to display spread out articles of clothing, books, and other items so that visitors can see each object without having to dig through things. Be sure to set up tables at least six feed apart from each other and disinfect often. Avoid setting up a bunch of boxes for guests to hunt through as this would encourage too much touching of the same items.

Come Up with a Plan for Crowd Management
You’ll want to make sure that a limited number of people are browsing your setup at a time in order to be able to maintain social distance. Elect one person to always keep a head count and kindly ask anyone over the limit to wait a few minutes to browse until another guest has left. Consider drawing lines with chalk or tape to mark six feet of distancing and remind visitors to maintain distance. You can even make signs that encourage attendees to follow social distancing guidelines.

Require Face Masks
You can also request that visitors wear masks. Be sure everyone running the sale is also wearing face coverings. You can even offer unused masks for sale or for free as people arrive.

Provide Hand Sanitizer

Have plenty of hand sanitizer accessible to visitors to encourage frequent disinfecting. You can set up some hand sanitizing stations at the entrance, exit, or before exchanging cash.

Use Contactless Payment Methods
In order to reduce contact, consider using a payment app. If this is not possible and cash must be used, ask for the exact amount in cash so you don’t need to give back change. Designate one person to be in charge of taking payments from customers.

We don’t have to let garage sale season pass without taking advantage of the great perks of being able to declutter. Having a garage sale means getting rid of items you no longer need that would have made your move that much harder. Just remember to be careful, follow guidelines, and foster a safe environment. And if you’re in need of home financing for your move, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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